Other work

Stretching the Truth

director / producer / editor

Aaron “STRETCH” Samples’s life transforms from being a reckless rapper to a loving father.

When making this project, I learned the perseverance and hard work it takes to be a filmmaker. Also, I wanted to shed light on someone (STRETCH) who has a lot to stay, and a story everyone should listen to.

Dance is Sacred

director / producer / editor

Three dancers, studying at the prestigious Purchase Dance Conservatory, tell their stories of the struggle, life, and their love of studying the art of dance.

Making this documentary, I faced the challenges of finding time to shoot with the complex scheduling of dancing and filmmaking. Additionally, I wanted to show appreciation of this art form and made sure I captured it with all the respect and beauty.

You Finna Cop?

director / writer / producer / editor

Two dealers learn about each others’ morals.

This project was the first time I put together a crew for a narrative story. I’m so glad I went through this experience, because it was my initial look at what storytelling can do.

Black Fratsman

director / writer / producer / actor / editor

Trey has interest in joining his school’s fraternity, but receives criticism from his friends.

This was the project that made me realize I could make my ideas come to fruition. Working with a larger cast and crew and finishing post during the early stage of the pandemic, I realized I could do anything I put my mind to.

Off the Beat

director / writer / producer / actor / editor

Vaughn gets stopped by the cops on the way home, and tries to deal with this with his older brother, who’s also an officer.

Filming my senior thesis film during February 2021 was a huge challenge. The main thing on my mind was making sure that everyone working on this project was safe. Thankfully, no one tested positive for COVID, and we are able to continue to create art.

Youth Retrospective Documentary 2020-2021

producer / editor

The Youth of Westchester County show how they dealt with the early stages of the pandemic through music, art, dance, and much more.

I feel very blessed and honored to work on a documentary that brings to light what young people felt during the early stages of the pandemic.

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