Creative cardio: How drummer Jahleel Hills uses fitness to stay energized

Good cardio and staying active plays an important role in inspiring creativity. Using his drum this Brooklyn filmmaker shares his journey.

Black Fratsman – Short Movie Review

Black Fratsman is about Trey who hasn’t yet gotten his footing in college when he is recruited by the school fraternity, Sigma Alpha Kap.

Jahleel Hills talks Black Fratsman

‘BLACK FRATSMAN’ tells the story of Trey who has interest in joining his school’s fraternity, but receives backlash from his friends.

Sebastian Bass ’21 Captures a Moment

“I was walking home one day and I passed by a little video shoot happening. I was intrigued so I went over and it happened to be some people I knew.

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Coming to Purchase as a film major, my mind was set on solely pursuing film. However, I’m more than a filmmaker; I’m also a musician/performer (a show style snare drummer to be exact).

Jahleel Hills Balances His Two Loves, Drumming and Filmmaking

“Music has that power to tell those big and bold stories,” Hills said. “It’s such a powerful tool to have where you can take your mind on adventures you’ve never been before.”

“Black Fratsman”: A Representation of Cultural Appropriation

SUNY Purchase senior Jahleel Hills’ upcoming film, “Black Fratsman” reveals the exploitation of an African American teen in a Spike Lee-esque fashion.

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